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Deep Relax Candle

Sale price$72.00

Banish sleepless nights and drift into a peaceful slumber with our vegan Deep Relax Candle.

The Deep Relax blend was born out of co-founder Geraldine Howard's studies in aromatherapy, selecting the key essential oils known to facilitate sleep. So if your racing mind is preventing a good night’s rest, this candle’s calming concoction contains grounding Vetiver, as well as Camomile to soothe and Sandalwood to help feel relaxed, all of which combine to help you switch off … and subsequently drift off. 

Our natural soy wax, which burns for over 40 hours, contains the equivalent of two 10ml bottles of pure essential oils for a powerful, soothing scent throw, and is hand-poured in the UK. Plus, this candle is encased in a premium ceramic jar you can re-use or recycle.

  • Emotional Benefits: Helps create a relaxing night-time routine before a peaceful night’s sleep.
  • Physical Benefits: Enjoy all of the benefits of having a great night sleep after using our Deep Relax Pure Candle to unwind before bedtime.
  • Scent Description: Herbal, woody and earthy


      Deep Relax Candle
      Deep Relax Candle Sale price$72.00